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About My Online Training

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My mission at Tanufitnesscoach is to offer best Nutrition and exercise programme which will help everyone of you to achieve your dream physique. Founded in 2021, I provide flexible Food and Exercise  options for all types of passionate individuals

I aim to provide diverse options that cater to individuals who want a customizable Nutrition and Exercise  experience, yet still prioritize your health. If you have any questions or are interested in enrolling in my Online Training, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


The most rewarding part of Tanufitnesscoach are the happy reviews we receive from our members. If you’re wondering what it’s like to be in one of our training programs , take a look at some of the testimonials below.


Gurdeep Singh

Name = Gurdeep Singh

Age = 44

Before weight = 61 kg

Current weight =  57 kg

Time duration = 3 months 

Weight lost = 4 kg 

Exercise experience = 7 years 

As i started training in September, I have taken personal training from many renowned trainers both online and offline, but I end up losing my hope because everyone is so concerned with supplements and steroids only, I wanted to transform myself naturally, then one day saw TANU's profile on Instagram I followed him for 3-4 months and when he launched his training program immediately I joined his training program and rest in front of you. I had only home food during my journey and nothing fancy is given to me to eat, simple daal, rajma, roti, I was eating. Most importantly no fancy supplements are recommended by him I am having 1 scoop of whey because of my busy schedule and multivitamins and omega 3 are also given to me which are the basic supplement for everyone whether you are a gym-goer or not. In end, I am very thankful to him for this transformation and he is half of my age but I still trusted him and he always picked up my phone and helped me out every time with my queries and he is a very respectful guy. I WANT TO SAY ONE MORE THING AS I AM A TEACHER BY PROFESSION AND I HAVE OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES TOO BUT IF I CAN DO THEN ANYONE CAN DO IT. 

Age = 17
Before weight = 47 kg 
Current weight = 51 kg 
Time duration = 4 months 

As he is hard gainer so the process was so slow. But he managed to gain 4 kgs . He is newbie he will experience more muscle gain. He did this with homefood only no supplements. Some people will now also doubt homefood and will waste money on fancy stuff. 



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This is my own transformation.Started from 68 kg and went to all the way to 56 kg and this transformation took me 1.5 years . I have achieved this physique naturally .

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Name:- Harjeet Singh
Before weight :- 100 kg
After weight :- 95 kg 

It is a short transformation . As Mr Harjeet wanted to lose weight for his marriage he gave me a timeline of 45 days. So he lost his desired amount of weight and gained a little bit of muscle In 45 days. So his hard work dedication got him the results that he wanted.

Harjeet Singh

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Karan jindal

Hey Taran!Two months of training and a greatexperience that i have till now. I feelvery good and satisfied from myself.Increased strength, good posture,feeling light and many more things.Lost around 7 kgs in two months. Allthe 36 waist jeans that bought fewmonths back are now loose and canfit myself in 32 waist jeans Looking forward for more progess.

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Hi tanu !!
Will be more happier to inform you that a very thank you!!! I am down to 81.5 kgs from 130 kgs , the shirt was no near fit and see now 
The shirt i am wearing today belongs to my dad and was very tight on me but today the shirt itself become loose!!
Sorry can't take the photo properly as I don't know how too

Yashudev Bansal

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Harjinder Singh

Name :- Harjinder Singh

Age = 33

Starting weight = 81.5 kg

Current Weight = 74.5

Time Taken = 2 months

He started with me 2 months ago, he has lower back pain because of bad form in the squats, deadlift and almost in every exercise. But now his form in every exercise is on point. The biggest change in his life is that he use to carry alcohol with him in his car every day. But now for the last 2 months, he hasn't touched the bottle and I am very that I was able to influence him to change his habit of drinking alcohol.


Secondly, he is a milkman he wakes up at 4:30 am and he all his hectic work till 10:30 am daily after that he works out daily and he has no holiday in a year, works 365 davs a week and he is a married and a father of 2 beautiful kids. He has a lot of responsibilities at his end but he transformed not his appearance but also mentally. He is calm, composed in his nature now. Most importantly he is more successful in his work now. He has stopped all his useless expenses on alcohol and other stuff. He told me that he started saving about half a lakh a month. I am proud of him, so busy still that he managed to transform, become more younger fitter, and athletic.


Adding more to it he was faster than a 20-year-old individual. From tomorrow onwards we start his gaining phase wait for another 2 months we will be back with his another transformation.

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know about plans you can email me or can

directly contact me on instagram. My

instagram profile is @tanufitnesscoach.

All plans are paid and non refundable. To

know about plans you can email me or can

directly contact me on instagram. My

instagram profile is @tanufitnesscoach.








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